Avant RiskIQ


Avant is Australia’s leading medical defence organisation and provider of medical indemnity insurance.

We worked with Avant to bring a large catalogue of courses online using a custom-themed Moodle, including custom course catalogue. We also provided technical lead and development of custom web service reporting, sign-on integration with their existing user portals, and integration with third-party content providers.

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ITTA specialise in distance delivery and RPL for TAE courses, Management courses and Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN).

We built a custom-themed moodle to match ITTA's bold web site, including an eye-catching circular navigation system within their Moodle course offerings. We also set up and managed server hosting, transitioned content to an online format and advised on best-practice formats for the given course content.

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Aspen Medical


Aspen Medical is an Australian-owned global provider of guaranteed, innovative and tailored healthcare solutions across a diverse range of sectors.

Aspen approached us with a rich, different Photoshop file as their ideal Moodle design which we took online in a matter of days. We also provided customisations to the course listing pages to make them more user friendly, and worked with their existing development partners to ensure customisations were in line with the style updates. We build custom SCORM course packages for Aspens' training.

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Clinicians Matrix


Clinician’s Matrix is the online health portal from Matrix Health is re-defining the way these busy healthcare professionals access online clinical tools to allow them to work faster, and education, to enable them to work smarter.

We developed a custom theme for this site and provided customisations and web services to integrate the site with a learning portal. We also work in an advisory role in developing new course materials or integrating third-party resources.

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